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Youthful Appearance with Selenium

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 2:05 PM

“Fall Readiness”

Youthful Inside & Out


Selenium is one of the key antioxidants (maintaining our DNA) anti-aging mineral, no need to eat quantity when eating quality does the job!

30g (1/2c) Shiitake/White Button Mushrooms 33% of daily need

60g (1c) brown rice 35% daily need

25g (1/4c) sunflower seeds 34% daily need

60 (1c) Lima or Pinto Beans 17% daily need… Plenty of Fiber

30g (1/2c) 6-8 nuts Brazil Nuts 470% daily need (good selenium, too much fat) instead try eating 2 to 3 Brazil nuts per day


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